Serving You Responsibly

Green Today. Greener Tomorrow Is The Motto We Live By

Southern Trident is a UK company with strong roots in India which offers high quality coir based growing medium direct from source to market in a fully Southern Trident managed seamless operation, through its brand Coco & Coir.

Sustainability is at the heart of our foundation and at the core of our philosophy lies the unshakeable belief that the coconut is the perfect crop that will work for the consumer, the environment and meet the aims of the strongly held company values – Green today, Greener tomorrow.


Hailing from a family of 4th generation coconut farmers in India, we are deeply rooted to honest business practices that has been time tested and this has been subconsciously fed in to the company’s ethos.


Whether sourcing or supplying, treating every transaction like our first one and carrying it out with the highest level of transparency, trust and fairness with our partners is paramount to us.


Respect and Gratitude are the two pillars of our business culture. This doesn’t stop with treating employees, suppliers and clients in this way, but, extends onto the environment and society, which we are an integral part of.

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