Production Unit

The increasing demand for Southern Trident eco-friendly products has resulted in development plans to expand its accredited production facility in Tamilnadu, India and explore emerging technologies to further reduce the environmental impact of production. Southern Trident’s competent R&D team is already also working on next generation added value integrated coir products. Southern Trident already operates production to Internationally recognised certified standards, such as ISO9001, UKcert Green Certification and Organic.

To maintain this excellence Southern Trident are exploring further accreditation to meet all customer future requirements. In short commitment to raising standards. Substantial volumes of wholesale and retail stock is help at our production warehouse for quick shipment to overseas destinations. Custom coir blends are made to order as per buyer requirements.

Sales & Distribution

Our UK sales and distribution centre situated in Essex is aimed at offering a professional and punctual distribution service to all our British buyers, including growing medium companies, garden centres and commercial growers. We offer multiple delivery options from FOB option to delivered to doorstep.