Harmony Gardens Official Website Launched for 2022

Say hello to the brand-new online home of Harmony Gardens, the world’s first carbon-neutral growing media brand.

Made for gardeners of all experience levels, from novice back-garden planters to experienced allotment owners, Harmony Gardens is a one-of-a-kind range that is truly in harmony with the planet and our beloved gardens. Made with recycled materials and benefiting from the goodness of coconut coir, there is a lot to sing and dance about. That is why we have created our brand new website to bring this incredible range to new customers around the country.

Southern Trident Ltd. are thrilled to be able to showcase Harmony Gardens with an e-commerce website that encourages visitors to learn more about the benefits of gardening with carbon-neutral products and reducing their own environmental impact. Consumers can purchase Harmony Gardens products directly at any time, discover what makes the brand unique in the gardening world, and sign up to a brand-new newsletter designed to provide regular updates on Harmony Gardens and share eco-friendly garden hints, tips and tricks.

The full range is available from launch to browse and purchase. If you are unfamiliar with our latest range of carbon-neutral products, take a look at the exceptional products available at launch from our brand-new website.

  • Harmony Gardens Multi-Purpose Compost
    Our specialised mix of green compost, coconut coir, composted bark, and recycled wood fibre. The ideal carbon-neutral solution for those looking for a premium potting compost with added nutrients to promote healthy plant growth. If you need a compost that was created for everything from sowing seeds and cuttings to sprucing up your hanging baskets, this is the multi-purpose compost for you.
  • Harmony Gardens Soil Improver N+
    Giving your natural healthy soil a boost is easy with our carbon-neutral soil improver: blended green compost and recycled wood fibre to release additional nitrogen into your plants. Perfect for improving fruit yields or to use as a quality mulch for suppressing weed growth. As versatile as it is impressive.
  • Harmony Gardens Top Soil
    Be kinder to the earth with a blended mix of recycled top soil and green compost. Lightens the soil and helps release nitrogen to your plants, creating a 100% natural solution for improving your soil structure. Part of our fully carbon-neutral range.
  • Harmony Gardens Peat-Free Grow Bag
    Another fully carbon-neutral addition, grow your own fruits and vegetables directly from the bag. Formed from natural composted bark, coconut coir, recycled wood fibre and green compost with the added nutrients your crops need to thrive.

Harmony Gardens’ online web-store offers gardeners solutions for a number of common garden jobs and more with direct delivery right to their door from our warehouse. Southern Trident Ltd. is already looking ahead to further develop the range and continue to work towards carbon neutrality across our entire extended family of brands and products.

To find out more about what makes Harmony Gardens a carbon neutral brand, visit the website for details on our journey.

For sales inquiries, get in touch with us directly. Keep up to date with everything at Harmony Gardens via the official website and don’t miss out on exclusive offers.

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