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Get your seeds off to a great start with Coco & Coir's Coco Grow+ with added perlite
How to get stronger healthier seedlings using Coco & Coir's Coco Grow+. The peat free 100% natural coir with added perlite is a great way to get your seeds germinating.
How to improve your soil with Coco & Coir's Coco Grow
Step by step guide on how to improve the texture of garden soil by digging in Coco & Coir's Coco Grow. Peat free 100% natural coir compost.
How to take care of Indoor houseplants with Coco Boost
Plant up indoor house plants with Coco & Coir's Coco Boost. The perfect potting compost - 100% natural peat free coir compost.
How to prevent weeds with Coco & Coir's Coco Chip - garden mulch
A fun guide on how to prevent weeds and retain moisture in garden soil. Easy to use Coco & Coir's Coco Chip is the perfect mulching material, 100% natural peat free coir.
How to plant up containers with Coco & Coir's Coco Boost
An easy to understand guide on how to plant up garden containers using Coco & Coir's Coco Boost. Peat Free 100% natural coir compost.
How to pot up young plants with Coco & Coir's Coco Boost
A guide on how to pot up and grow on small plants and seedlings. Coco & Coir's Coco Boost with added nutrients is an easy way to get plants off to the best possible start.
Southern Trident company video
An introduction to Southern Trident Ltd and its Coco & Coir branded products
The easy way to sow seeds with our peat free Coco Pellets
A simple guide on how to sow seeds easily and quickly. How to make sure you get fast germination and reliable results from your seed sowing.
How to use Coco Coir - Peat free coir growing media
A fun guide on how to use the 5KG Coco & Coir peat free coir blocks. Simply put in a wheelbarrow, add water and watch it expand to 75 litres of fluffy, loose and airy compost ready to start planting.