Our Journey To Becoming A Carbon Neutral Business

It is no secret that at Southern Trident we are extremely proud of the strides we have made to be named a carbon neutral company and the first in our sector to be PAS-2060 certified.

We believe that all companies can become more eco-conscious with the right attitude and measures taken to reduce carbon footprints, but how did we get here?

Unsurprisingly, the road to becoming carbon neutral is not as easy as simply saying ‘let’s be carbon neutral’. There are several factors to consider when working towards carbon neutrality. From production of our product range to transportation of goods, and even the machines we use in our offices, there is a lot to think about to begin making improvements that help reduce our carbon output.

We started by measuring our carbon footprint at a top line level, capturing the carbon we create when creating our products: creating and sourcing materials, moving products, running our sites, and other areas of our business such as our commuter travel and IT.

By using this top line measurement, we have altered areas of the business to mindfully adjust our practices and make sure that we are using solutions that have a lower carbon output than alternatives. Even our search engine on our website produces less carbon than competitors!

In measuring our carbon output to produce each product in our ranges, we have managed to create a model wherein we can offset the carbon output made by our business and use this as a valuable step towards building a business that is more sustainable and less environmentally impactful.

Our team is constantly seeking out ways to reduce our environmental impact not just by cutting down on our carbon output, but in other areas of our business. We have invested in biodegradable packaging and use recycled material in our products to reduce global waste from other industries. Commitment to sustainability in our business – and gardens – is our constant dedication we will never compromise on. Southern Trident Ltd. will continue to be a carbon neutral company that finds solutions that benefit a cleaner planet.

At present it is impossible to become fully Net Zero in our carbon output – as with any other manufacturing business – but it is one of our future goals to achieve this by 2030. Stay tuned to our press releases and online news articles for more of our activity as we set out to achieve this monumental goal.


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