Southern Trident’s Coco & Coir All Purpose Compost Clinches “Which? Garden” Best Buy Award for Seed and Young Plant Growth

Controlled Release Fertiliser Sets Coco & Coir Apart as an Ideal Choice for Gardeners

Southern Trident’s Coco & Coir All Purpose Compost has been awarded with the prestigious “Which? Garden” Best Buy recognition for its outstanding performance in growing seeds and nurturing young plants.

The key to this remarkable achievement lies in the compost’s innovative controlled release fertiliser (CRF) technology. Unlike many other peat-free composts on the market, Coco & Coir’s CRF ensures a slow, steady release of nutrients, promoting excellent germination rates and providing consistent growth for young plants. The controlled release fertiliser embedded in the compost feeds plants for an impressive six months, offering a prolonged and sustained nourishment that sets it apart from its competitors.

Steve Harper, CEO of Southern Trident, expressed his excitement over the accolade, saying, “The award of this Best Buy goes to show that coir is a fantastic replacement for peat, and we are proud that one of our products has been recognised for its efficacy and delivers great results for the gardener.”

The “Which? Garden” Best Buy award reaffirms Coco & Coir All Purpose Compost as a truly versatile and all-encompassing gardening solution. Gardeners can trust this compost not only for seed sowing but also for nurturing young plants, thanks to its well-balanced and carefully formulated composition.

What makes this All Purpose Compost stand out is the controlled release fertiliser only begins its precise feeding when the gardener starts using the product. This unique feature ensures that the compost remains in peak condition until needed, providing a distinct advantage over other peat-free alternatives in the market.

Southern Trident remains committed to providing sustainable and effective solutions for modern gardening needs. This award-winning All Purpose Compost serves as a testament to the company’s dedication to delivering products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of today’s environmentally conscious gardeners.

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