Biodegradable Coir Plant Pots (Square)

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Type: Gardening Accessories

Biodegradable plant pots using 100% natural coir are ideal seeding and propagation pots for germinating seeds and transplanting directly into soil.

Square coir plant pots have been created for the most common sizes of square planters and containers.

Digging these biodegradable coir plant pots directly into the ground avoids disturbing plant roots, which can damage the plant and negatively affect the growth and productivity of fruit and vegetables.

Give your plants the best chance for success with these high-quality square biodegradable plant pots, made from sustainably sourced coco fibre or ‘coir’.

Not only are coir seeding pots eco-friendly, reducing the number of plastic pots needed in your garden but also contain potassium, which is naturally released to support root development during the composting process in the soil. Coir pots are the sustainable gardening choice over wood pulp or cardboard for the discerning gardener.

  • Minimal root disturbance promotes stronger, healthier plants
  • Peat free. Made from biodegradable and sustainable coconut coir
  • Reduces plastic waste
  • No repotting needed, simply plant into the ground
  • Can be reused and recycled
  • Perfect for plant propagation
  • Ideal biodegradable plant pot for seeds, seedlings and cuttings
  • Easy to plant seedlings and cuttings directly into soil or larger pots
  • Plastic free pot liner well suited for indoor / household plants

Use as a standard plant pot, but when the plant has met the size of the pot and is established, plant the pot directly into soil.

Either into the ground or a larger pot, making sure the top of the pot is flush with surrounding soil or an external pot.

8cm Propagation Pots:
Pack of 12
Size: 8cm

Dimensions(cm): H:25 x W:13 x L:14

Weight: 0.345kg

Pack Qty: 12

Qty Per Case: 18

Pack of 24
Size: 11cm

Dimensions(cm): H:28 x W:23 x L:14

Weight: 0.645kg

Pack Qty: 24

Qty Per Case: 9

15cm Pots:
Size: 15cm

Dimensions(cm): H:20 x W:20 x L:14

Weight: 0.105kg

Pack Qty: 1

Qty Per Case: 12