Coco Mulch Mat

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Type: Gardening Accessories

Mulch mats are circles of 100% natural coir, using the husks of the coconut. Made to fit all standard plant pot sizes.

Using lightly compressed coir, Coco & Coir mulch mats provide excellent plant base protection, whilst preventing water loss. By improving the fertility and health of the soil, garden mulching protects roots, improving the establishment and survival rates of new plants and trees.

  • Reduce your use of weed killers, herbicides and pesticides with a natural solution
  • Suppresses surrounding grass and weeds
  • Prevents water loss, reducing the amount of watering required
  • Protects against frost
  • Helps deter slugs and snails
  • Can be used indoors in plant pots using the correctly sized mat
  • Suitable for outdoor use in pots and containers
  • Protect the base of plants directly on the soil

Ready to use outdoor, or for indoor plants.

Simply and easily slot the mulch mat around the base of tree saplings, small shrubs and delicate plants.

15cm Mat:
Dimensions(cm): H:15 x W:15 x L:1
Weight: 0.015kg
Pack Qty: 1
Qty Per Case: 12

20cm Mat:
Dimensions(cm): H:20 x W:20 x L:1
Weight: 0.025kg
Pack Qty: 1
Qty Per Case: 12

25cm Mat:
Dimensions(cm): H:25 x W:25 x L:1
Weight: 0.055kg
Pack Qty: 1
Qty Per Case: 12

30cm Mat:
Dimensions(cm): H:30 x W:30 x L:1
Weight: 0.06kg
Pack Qty: 1
Qty Per Case: 12