Coco Wall Hanging Basket Liner

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Type: Gardening Accessories

Wall hanging basket liners, also called wall manger liners are made from sustainable coconut husk called coir. Coco & Coir liners are designed to be thicker and more robust basket liners than standard hanging basket liners, which last longer and provide better value for money.

The thicker and tighter coir weave is great for water management in baskets, performing better than jute. 100% natural and sustainable coir wall hanging basket liners provide optimum water drainage when saturated, as well as release water slowly in drier conditions.

  • Pre-shaped to standard sized wall mounted hanging baskets for convenience.
  • Durable and longer lasting coco fibres with latex coating.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoor
  • Act as a barrier to hold your compost in wall mounted hanging baskets
  • Preserves water
  • Control drainage to help with water management
  • Ready to use.
  • No need to wet before planting.
  • Make sure your wall hanging basket is the correct dimension for the coir basket liner and insert, before planting.

30cm Liner:
Dimensions(cm): H:39 x W:19 x L:17
Weight: 0.105kg
Pack Qty: 1
Qty Per Case: 12

35cm Liner:
Dimensions(cm): H:39 x W:14 x L:20
Weight: 0.18kg
Pack Qty: 1
Qty Per Case: 12

40cm Liner:
Dimensions(cm): H:46 x W:16 x L:24
Weight: 0.245kg
Pack Qty: 1
Qty Per Case: 12

45cm Liner:
Dimensions(cm): H:52 x W:10 x L:25
Weight: 0.265kg
Pack Qty: 1
Qty Per Case: 12

50cm Liner:
Dimensions(cm): H:54 x W:19 x L:18
Weight: 0.365kg
Pack Qty: 1
Qty Per Case: 12

55cm Liner:
Dimensions(cm): H:60 x W:16 x L:33
Weight: 0.445kg
Pack Qty: 1
Qty Per Case: 12