Fruit & Vegetable Compost

The perfect carbon neutral compost for growing fruits and vegetables. Ideal for raised beds, greenhouses, and polytunnels. Organic material and balanced fertiliser feeds plants for up to 6 weeks. 50 Litres per bag.

EAN: 5060886331051
Type: Bagged Compost

A specially blended mix of peat-free compost created to provide the optimal nutrients needed for growing fruits and vegetables. Harmony Gardens Fruit & Vegetable Compost is a carbon-neutral, eco-friendly alternative to traditional peat-based composts that is made from organic matter and helps improve your soil’s fertility.

Suitable for use in greenhouses and polytunnels, and the ideal compost for raised beds. Enhanced with 6-weeks’ worth of plant fertiliser to keep plants fed, happy, and healthy.

  • Organic, vegan, and carbon neutral
  • Peat-free
  • Balanced fertiliser for 6 weeks of feeding
  • Specially blended for fruit & vegetable crops
  • Improving soil
  • Adding nutrients to raised beds
  • Supporting growth of crops in polytunnels and greenhouses
  • Add to soil in existing beds to improve soil and add fertiliser for feeding. Apply to top layer and till into the soil.
  • Fill plant pots and window boxes for potting on.
  • Add throughout the growing season to ensure nutrients are available to your plants during peak of their growth.

Size: 50L

Packaging: >30% recycled plastic

Qty per case: 1

Case per pallet: 65