Vintage cubes

Some say it’s hypnotic! Modern and unique, the square brick hand print makes this welcome mat equally decorative and functional. Make a statement with this abstract bold design.

EAN: 0641753947190
Type: Doormats

Prepare yourself to enter an alternate dimension. Inspired by minesweeper blocks and throwback digital screen-savers, the 3D geometric cube pattern featured on this bleached coir doormat mystifies and bewilders the eye.

  • Natural, sustainable and organic coir bristles
  • Thick 15mm doormat, which is tough, durable and long-lasting
  • Thick anti-slip PVC backing prevents slipping even on smooth floors
  • Hand cut designs using real craftmanship
  • Decorative bold printed abstract doormat design
  • Suitable as an indoor doormat
  • As an outdoor mat for covered entrance ways and patios
  • Removing dirt and grime from shoes before entering your home
  • A modern bold welcome to an office or workplace
  • In potting sheds, conservatories and all entrances

Place your doormat where you will most impress house visitors and high foot traffic areas to reduce dirt and dust being walked into your home.

Cleaning and caring for your doormat:

1.  Take your doormat outside somewhere you don’t mind getting dirty like a lawn.

2. Shake the doormat to loosen and get rid of excess debris

3. Beat the doormat with a broom handle or similar implement in order to expel dirt and stones more embedded in the bristles. Ideally, do this over a rail or washing line.

4. With a stiff wetted hand brush scrub areas covered in dirt to remove.

5. Position back in place and give the mat a final hoover to extract the rest of the dust and dirt. Use the brush setting should your hoover have one.

It is a good idea to shake out your doormat every week or so.

Do not fold your doormat in half as this may split the backing.