Farmyard Manure

EAN: 5060886331037
Type: Bagged Compost
Per Case: 1

50l of high-quality farmyard manure. Rich in organic matter and perfect for fruit and vegetable crops, it is perfect for improving soil to give your plants and crops an extra boost of nutrients, or using as a mulch to suppress weed growth.

Our Farmyard Manure is ideal for improving the water holding capacity of soil and improving the structure of the soil. It adds vital humus and nutrients that are key to obtaining a great crop from your plants.

  • Peat-free.
  • Carbon neutral.
  • Made from organic matter.
  • Increase soil fertility.
  • Source of humus
  • Nutrients for fruit & vegetable crops
  • Growing flowers, trees, and shrubs
  • Planting
  • Mulching
  • Provides structure for sandy soil
  • Ideal for attracting worms
  • Add to soil in spring prior to planting or seeding.
  • Add to sandy soils in late winter.
  • Use as a mulch or dig in to the soil.
  • Be mindful of the area you are covering when measuring how much manure you wish to use. 5-10kg per yard is the general rule of thumb when using as a soil improver.

Size: 50 litres

Packaging: >30% recycled plastic

Qty per case: 1

Cases per pallet: 65