Houseplant Compost

The perfect compost for supporting your houseplants. With added nutrients to keep your plants fed for 9 months and great moisture retention, it is the ideal choice for all eco-friendly houseplant fanatics.

EAN: 5060886331129
Type: Compressed Compost

The ideal pH balanced and peat-free compost made specially for supporting your collection of houseplants. Whether you are a houseplant enthusiast or a beginner plant parent, this is the compost your plants will love!

With 9 months-worth of nutrients ready to use from hydration, your houseplants will be supported in a compost that retains moisture and doesn’t slump. Everything you need to grow healthy, happy plants.

  • No slump
  • Healthy growth supported
  • Greener leaves
  • 9 months of nutrients
  • Caring for houseplants
  • Providing feed for up to 9 months
  • Moisture retention
  • Repotting houseplants
  • Remove outer packaging.
  • Add coir compost block to container.
  • Add warm water ( 2 – 3 litres for 9 litres of compost).
  • Fluff up with a trowel – and use!

Size: 9 litres, 650g