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Hello. Welcome to Southern Trident, an eco-conscious and accredited company. Take a look around & give us a shout if you need any help.

Tomorrow cannot be just dreamt about. It has to be defined. We at Southern Trident take great pride in playing a pivotal role in helping define a greener tomorrow through the supply of our eco-friendly products, such as coir based growing medium. Our current portfolio includes coir based solutions for growing media companies, commercial growers and hobby gardening market, aiming to go peat free. We are also backed by several years of experience and R&D facility to create new formulations to suit specific applications. Our central facility in India, supported by an affiliate partner network and continental sales offices is bound to give you quality, trustworthy and transparent service each time.

Unshakable Commitment
To Sustainable Living

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It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted players in the coir market. Read more below why our clients keep coming back over and over again.


While Quality is generally a relative term, it is absolute when it comes to coir supply. Achieving consistent quality is built into our production process. Right from choosing quality dried husks to fresh water rinsing to the final fumigation process, we ensure everything happens to set standards. It is not by mere coincidence that we hold a ISO 9001 Quality Management accreditation.


Offering quality coir to the market, is just one small part of the sustainability story. Consciously choosing certain shipping lines for their carbon emission offset programs to our most recent switch hover to FSC approved and biodegradable packaging for our own retail range is our commitment towards Sustainability. It stays forever.


Market rates for coir remains unregulated in most source countries. But, that doesn’t mean the buyer has to pay exorbitant rates to secure coir in volumes. This is where our fair rates, flexible payment terms and creative commercials come into picture. We will work with you to ensure your buying is sustainably affordable.


The world is rapidly changing. The needs of the consumer are changing. Change is the only constant. Our company thrives on this change. Whether it is new product development, innovative product formulations, redefining frameworks, we dare to do things differently. This boldness defines us.

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