Buffered Coir Pith

Order your bulk buffered coconut coir pith directly from Southern Trident. Available to your order specification.

Type: Bulk Coir
Per Case: 240

5kg of Buffered Coir Pith available in bulk direct from Southern Trident. Ideal for projects requiring a high quality coconut coir compost to ensure plants growth strong and healthy.

Buffered coir has been extensively cleaned and tested to ensure it is free of all soluble minerals from coconut waste.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint with recycled coir material.
  • Peat-free.
  • Buffered and cleaned for healthier plants.
  • Balanced PH.
  • Propagating seeds.
  • Growing medium for various plant species.
  • Reptile bedding.

Size: 5kg

Dimensions(cm): H:14 x W:30 x L:30

Weight: 5kg

Qty Per Case: 1

Case per Pallet: 240