High EC Coir Pith

Order your high EC bulk coconut coir directly from Southern Trident. Available to your order specification.

Type: Bulk Coir
Per Case: 240

5kg of High EC Coconut Coir available in bulk direct from Southern Trident. The perfect solution for all your company’s needs. Our coir pith has been processed to a high standard for business use and is able to be used to multiple requirements, from animal bedding to reducing floor slippage.

  • Easy to use.
  • Highly absorbent.
  • Free from parasites, chemicals and harmful bacteria.
  • Reduced dust particles.
  • Animal bedding.
  • Reducing floor slippage.
  • Mushroom growth.

Size: 5kg

Dimensions(cm): H:14 x W:30 x L:30

Weight: 5kg

Qty Per Case: 1

Case per Pallet: 240