Coir-Fibre 80:20

Order your bulk coconut coir-fibre directly from Southern Trident. Available to your order specification.

Type: Bulk Coir
Per Case: 240

Our coconut coir-fibre 80:20 mix is the ideal product for those looking for a soil to boost their plants’ growth. With the benefits of both coir and natural coconut fibre, this soil mix is ideal for mixing in either clay or sand soils.

  • Aerates compact soil structures
  • Fresh, fertile soil for healthier roots
  • Perfect mix of water drainage and retention
  • Add to sand or clay-based soils to improve soil quality
  • Usable indoors and outdoors
  • Aerate compact soils for healthier root growth

Size: 5kg

Dimensions(cm): H:14 x W:30 x L:30

Weight: 5kg

Qty Per Case: 1

Case per Pallet: 240